an introduction

Hi, my name is Kassidy Ham.img_6547

I am 20 years old and I am consistently working to strengthen my will to live.

I have had my ups and my downs, and one day I find myself laughing and smiling and then others I look around to be in a hospital room not okay. I am here to share my story, share my words, share my thoughts. Not that you will find any sort of hidden truth or unknown information from this blog, but you will discover my truth. The facts of my life and the truths of my realizations I have discovered and will continue to discover. This blog may just be a safe haven for you… Just for you to know you are not alone.

I hope this page will be able to bring some people comfort in knowing they are not alone, and if not I am just happy I will have a place to vent and write. I am very happy you have taken the time to look at my site.Enjoy!

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